Iain Moyer
Percussionist | Teacher | Arranger

The front ensemble is not a musical group with a standardized template.


Moyer.mus(e) offers services ranging from custom arrangements to completely original productions. All acoustic percussion and electronic parts will be included. Outdoors or indoors, marching or concert, we will maximum the front ensembles role in your next production. Every front ensemble has a unique set of performers, who possess different skill sets and abilities. Moyer.mus(e) arrangements are custom fit to your front ensembles needs/numbers and will represent the ability level of your performers.For example:

Front ensemble A requires:
 2 marimba, 2 vibe, 1 glockenspiel, 2 percussion, 1 synth,
Front ensemble B requires:
 5 marimba, 4 vibe, xylo/chime, bell/crotale, 5 percussion, xylosynth, 2 synth

The instrumentation of a “pit” is also highly reliant on the source material of your marching band. No two shows can be crafted the same way, and it is Moyer.mus(e)’s belief that the theme of your show be reflected in the percussion instrumentation. For example:

Arabian Theme, additional percussion instruments could include:
Riq, Tar, Djembe, Doumbek, Authentic Finger cymbals.

Asian Theme, addition percussion instruments could include:
Shime Daiko, O-Daiko, Jing gong, Fen gong, Chappas.

Patriotic Show, additional percussion instruments could include:
Rope Drum, Bass Drum w/cymbal attachment, Marching machine.

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